This February 2013 , Caterina A at Paris, Zoom by Fatex 

Caterina A
is participating since 2009 at the biannual fashion and accessories co-manufacturing trade  ZOOM BY FATEX

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2011, September, Prêt-à-Porter


Prêt à Porter Paris is an international fashion trade show, the meeting place for fashion and creative accessories designers. A selection of fashion and accessories from all around the world, from the most contemporary to the most cutting edge, from teenagers to seniors, from today and tomorrow. Prêt-à-Porter Paris trend hub, is ahead of the industry´s trends, understanding markets and anticipating the new fashion impulses: consumers’ desires and also visitors’ expectations for more fashion information and helping succeeding.

For our company the fair meaned  “Caterina A”, a fashionable – chic organic clothing range healthy for us, our  family and our Mother Nature.

The eco fashion luxury collection was at Pret a Porter – September 2011 in Paris and was SO ETHIC! Because there will be nothing left for the generation to come if we are not sustainable in what we do.A simple rule to be sustainable is to: GIVE BACK TO NATURE WHAT WE HAVE TAKEN FROM IT SAME FORM OR AS LESS HARMED POSSIBLE!

DSC_0032ZOOM By FATEX is a fashion and accessories co-manufacturing trade show wich takes place everytime in  Paris-Nord Villepinte  for the Euromed and Indian Ocean regions and is a part of Première Vision Pluriel-the exhibition that covered the 6 showrooms dedicated to light industry, namely:

EXPOFIL – specializing in yarns and fibres for the fashion textile sector;

PREMIERE VISION – showroom for designers, is the largest major event of the world dedicated to textiles – type and range, texture, color for the next season;

LE CUIRE OF PARIS – showroom for products like leather, fur and textile for accessories for all creation – clothing, fine leather craft, footwear, accessories and decorations;

INDIGO – International Exhibition of textile design and creation;

ModAmont – showroom and accessories and supplies for leading designers and manufacturers as: buttons, bows, labels, textiles and metal accessories, zippers, packaging and other accessories for this market.


ZOOM BY FATEX – 100% first professional show for garments by model, exclusively for European and Mediterranean habitat, which hosted a total of over 100 exhibitors representing 13 nationalities. Romania participated at the fair Zoom by Fatex with 10 companies. This motion was sustained under the annual program of support for exports, given by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce and Business Environment.


ZOOM by FATEX  continued its selective and qualitative positioning by providing visitors with an offer which was even more specialized and diverse, with manufacturing solutions for small and large luxury ranges for a targeted market. Taking part in Zoom by Fatex is essential and indispensable, particularly for developing contacts worldwide.

This trade remains a business platform where close-proximity fashion manufacturers demonstrate their know-how, technique, adaptability and commercial reactivity for curious industry players who seek high-quality production for their specific needs.