About us



CaterinaA is all about the modern woman – preserving her femininity, sensuality and self-confidence.

The design and product development team of the CaterinaA label, alongside British designer Tanya Sarne, have made use of their experience of twenty years of work in conceiving out of different, unique fabrics, designs for elegant, modern and sensual silhouettes.

Tanya Sarne said:”I design to give women confidence in their femininity during their struggle with the daily life.”

Catherina Ailiesei says: ” In every design we have put a little of our soul.”

With a design that meets the practical needs, easily worn and maintained, without compromising on quality and luxury, our style is simple and versatile and takes the wearer from day to evening.

The fabrics are long lasting and environmentally-friendly, derived from wood and herbs, mixed with cotton and silk through a unique, secret process.

They are biodegradable, they feel amazing and, what is most important, they do not require the use of chemical cleaning products that may damage the skin.

Our fabrics have to be felt to be understood, and tried to be believed.